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Bundle FastTrack MK2 Diamond Chisel Sharpener

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  • 4 Sharpening Angles
  • Center-It Clip
  • Ergonomic Carriage
  • Improved Tool Clamping

About M Power Tools

Guarantee your chisels and planes are always in cutting edge condition with the FASTTRACK Chisel Sharpener. Another step closer to the perfect workshop ready with razor sharp edges to finish your projects with precision. Save time and eliminate your sharpening troubles, let the FASTTRACK take care of the job for you. Includes: 1x DC FASTTRACK MK2, 1x Fitted Storage Case, 1x 100# Extra Coarse, 1x 220# Preparation, 1x 450# Finishing, 1x 600# Fine Finishing, 1x 1200# Super Fine Finishing, 1x Fitted Mini Strop, 1x Fitted De-Burring Plate 1000#, 1x Grip Mat

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