Gouge and Chisel Set 12-Piece

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  • 100% GUARANTEE – If any of the individual tools do not meet expectations, please contact us so we can replace them! This set is a great fit for any level wood carver, whether you're getting started, or just wanting to add a few quality tools to the collection. If you aren't completely satisfied, please contact us immediately for your money back
  • HIGH QUALITY WOOD CARVING TOOLS – Each tool is made from alloy chromium vanadium steel and hardened to Rockwell C60 so blades will hold an edge for a long time and won't dull quickly with repeated use; Hardwood ash, European style octagonal handles prevent tools from rolling off your work space. Handles are 14 cm in length
  • EBOOK INCLUDED – After you buy this tool set, we'll email you a Beginner Guide to Carving eBook to get you started. The eBook will cover the best woods to carve with, go over the different types of carving stones, provide helpful links diagrams and information about sharpening your tools and carving techniques, and offer tips on how to take care of your Schaaf Tools carving set. NOTE: Please contact as if you do not receive the eBook. It may be your account settings
  • WIDE VARIETY OF TOOLS – Includes: #1 Straight Chisel 8mm, #1 Skew Chisel 8mm, #5 Gouge 8mm, #5 Gouge 20mm, #7 Gouge 6mm, #7 Gouge 14mm, #7 Heavy Bent Gouge 20mm, #8 Gouge 4mm, #8 Spoon Gouge 10mm, #9 Gouge 10mm, #11 Veiner 3mm, #12 V Parting Tool 6mm. All Tools come packaged in a Schaaf Tools canvas tool roll with protective plastic tips.

Product Description

Professional woodcarving tools can leave you wondering if you'll need to take out a loan to afford them. On the other hand, we noticed there were “professional” sets available for under thirty dollars. As the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for.' These sets often include tools you'll never need to use. Some with an angle so steep, or an edge so dull you'd be hard-pressed to cut through cardboard, let alone a nice piece of maple. We found there was need for a quality set of tools crafted to a higher standard, so you aren't ready to give up carving before you even get started, but available to those not ready to break the bank on a set. Each Schaaf Tools gouge in this first set was hand selected to create a broad selection of profiles, enabling you to tackle a wide variety of carving projects. This set is a great place to start if you're a beginner, or a nice addition to those of you with a collection already. It's also a perfect gift! If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy Carving! Eli Pearlman CEO

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