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HH-66 Vinyl Cement (8 Oz.)

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  • Super-strong, flexible vinyl cement creates a liquid-proof seal
  • Resistant to extreme temperature and weather
  • Durable, liquid proof bonding for most vinyl-coated and vinyl-laminated fabrics
  • 8 Ounces
  • Made in United States

Product Description

HH-66 is the world’s most effective PVC vinyl adhesive. It works underwater, sets in minutes, and holds fast at extreme temperatures. It’s waterproof. It bonds with just a single application. And it doesn’t let go. That may be why HH-66 is trusted by experts in industries as diverse as vinyl-coated fabrics, geosynthetics, commercial tarps and inflatable watercraft. It works. And it’ll work for you.

About RH Adhesives

Since 1949, RH Adhesives has made specialized cements for bonding and repairing specialized materials. Their products are the best at what they do. Because that’s all that they do. HH-66 is the world’s premier vinyl cement that is relied on to repair everything from everyday items to commercial materials. Their neoprene cements are trusted in shoe manufacture and repair, leathercraft, costume creation, and rubber gasket repair. RH Adhesives’ products are simple to use and simply work. That means the things you fix with them keep working, too.

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