Knuckle Bender

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  • Hinge pin removing punch
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Easily align hinges

Product Description

The Knuckle Bender allows you to quickly adjust any sagging door. It adjusts to any size hinge, making adjustments fast, simple and accurate every time. The built-in hinge pin remover helps to quickly remove any hinge pin.

About FastCap, Inc.

FastCap was founded in 1997 by Paul Akers, a 20-year veteran in the cabinet-making/woodworking industry. One day, while Paul was building some cabinets, he got an idea for a self-adhesive screw cap cover and the Fastcap was born. Over the past five years, FastCap has grown exponentially and has expanded its products base from the Fastcap to a vast array of woodworking products and tools to accommodate the professional cabinet maker and woodworker needs.

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