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Miter Clamps (12-Pack)

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  • The only way you can pressurize compound miters
  • Will hold any compound miter as well as all awkward shapes and profiles
  • Spread from 0" to approximately 2"
  • Keeps any mitered corner from opening up while glue dries for the perfect finish
  • Great for picture frames, moldings, trim work and any compound miter

Product Description

When miters are glued up they tend to open at the tips because end grain has been cut on the diagonal. These little spring miter clamps are perfect for keeping the pressure on while gluing miters, and when the glue is dry the tips will still be together. The sharp points pierce the wood without cutting wood fibers so it’s easy to clean up the marks.

About Collins Tool

Collins Tool Company is a maker of unique and innovative tools designed by and for professional woodworkers. Hand tools for finish carpenters. Tighter joints. Quicker production.

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