Orbit Sander Disc 5 in 30-Piece

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  • 30 PIECE, Multi Grit Sand Paper Disc Set For 5" Random Orbit Sanders For End-to-End Wood, Metal & Plastic Sanding and Conditioning - 80, 120 & 240 Grit
  • 8 Hole Hook-And-Loop backing
  • Engineered for use on All Makita 5” Random Orbital Sanders such as BO5030K, BO5041K, BO5031K & XOB01Z, while also compatible with All 5” Random Orbital Sanders
  • EASILY & SMOOTHLY remove corrosion, rust, scuffing, wood, paint, fiber glass, varnish, fillers, plastic and other materials to condition your wood, drywall, steel or metal surface revealing a soft, uniform pliable and paint-ready surface largely thanks to Makita’s industry leading proprietary White aluminum oxide
  • AVOID CLOGGING, Paper Fly-Offs, Shifting, Tears & Wears with lower quality, non-reinforced sandpaper that result in higher replacements, project completion delays & frustration

Product Description

Makita's Ultra Premium & Stable Multi-Grit 5" Random Orbital Sanding Paper Disc Set for end-to-end sanding and corrosion removal on wood, metal, and plastic. Proprietary (AO) Aluminum Oxide is used for the inherent properties of strength and hardness, while allowing for longer life combined with versatility for tough industrial applications. (ZS) Zinc Stearate is a white coat used on the abrasive paper that is anti-adhesive and repellent to water, designed to minimize "stickiness" and permit a smooth sanding action even in tough applications on wood, metal, plastic or drywall. 80 Grit size is a coarse size that is ideal for effective surface area removal or tough applications such as: Stripping Paint or Varnish, Rust Removal, Shaping or Leveling Wood.120 Grit size is ideal For a more balanced blend between stripping and finish 240 Grit size is ideal for maximal finish and smoothest look.Makita's 8 Hole Hook & Loop discs are designed to work optimally with Makita and are also fully compatible with All 5" random orbital sanders. Hook and Loop allow for quick removal and replacement of sanding abrasive discs.

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