Planer Blades DW7342

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Product Description

Disposable, reversible thickness planer knives Made of M2 laminated tool steel that stays sharper and lasts longer than conventional tool steel, machined locator holes help users Align knives on cutter-head during knife Change.The DeWalt DW7342 kit includes disposable, reversible, replacement knives for use with the DW734, a heavy-duty 12-1/2-inch thickness planer with a three-knife cutter-head. Crafted from durable M2 laminated steel, these dependable knives stay sharper and last longer than conventional knives, making replacement less frequent and saving you money. Special, machined locator pins mean that it's simple to fit these knives onto the cutter-head of the DW734 for safe, accurate performance down the road.DEWALT DW7342 Replaceable Knives for DW734

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