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Point 2 Point Guide

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  • With the Point-2-Point, you can visually design and mark decorative details

Product Description

Expand then contract for your instant visual guideSetting out a row of screws, pins or dowels quickly and without too much hassle isnt easy. Usual process: Measure the length of the run and divide by the number of points plus one. Then divide the extra one point by two and that gives your starting and finishing points. Then measure out each of the remaining points by the total on the calculator. Alternatively extend a Point-2-Point fully and bring the mechanism down to the required size. Lock the setting in place with the Point-2-Points pinch bolts and youre ready to start marking out. Consists of 8 x stainless steel pointsExtends to a maximum of 2ft (600mm)4 x Brass pinch bolts lock the mechanism in placeMultiple uses: woodwork, sewing, general craftwork, even in the kitchen

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