Digital Protractor with Set Miter 12-inch

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  • Longer legs for added versatility
  • Great for trim work and crown molding
  • Use for marking and layout
  • 2" wide X 7/8" thick X 13 " long

Product Description

This protractor offers +/- 0.1 degree accuracy and repeatability along with the convenience and ease of use of a digital display. It can be used in any plane which makes it ideal for setting both bevel and miter angles on a variety of woodworking tools. This protractor has a range of +/-180 degrees which gives it the ability to cover most of the angle measuring needs of any woodworker. It includes embedded magnets in all edges of the blades to allow them to attach to cast iron tables and steel saw blades for easy angle setting. It has the added feature of a friction lock which enables them to hold the blades in a fixed position for transferring angle measurements. WR410 has 8-inch long blades which makes it ideal for setting miter saw miter angles and is perfect for larger measuring and layout functions. The simple functions include only an ON/OFF button and a ZERO button making it easy to understand and use.

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